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Co-Branding Opportunities

Car Wash Guys are one of the franchise community leaders in co-branding.  We have been co-branding services since 1978.  We understand the evolution of business. 

We have franchisees who own C-Stores, Quick Oil/Lube Centers, mobile washing units, detail centers, truck detail shops, truck washes, spray in bed-lines, etc.

Below is a list we have compiled of places to visit on the Internet to learn more about franchising and co-branding.

Type of Information

Web Site

Mobile Co-Branding - Other Wash Guy Companies Car Wash Guys Affiliates
Detail Guys Affiliate

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Car Wash Guys Founder is completing the following Business Books

  • Change Management -

    Averting the Chaos and Understanding What is Really Happening During this Time of Turmoil, Designed for Organizations, Agencies and Businesses of All Sizes


  • Customer Service -

    Developing a Personalized Strategy to Energize Referrals and Keep Your Customers

    Coming Back in Waves

  • The Entrepreneurial Advantage - Take It!

    Insight from a Retired Entrepreneurial Over Achiever - Step by Step Strategies to Turbo Charge Any Size Company and

    Go All the Way

  •  Business Strategies & Systems Thinking

  • A Look Into the Secret Efficiencies of Finite Capacity Scheduling Models as Applied to Small Business

  • How to Buy a Franchise Business

    Step-by-Step Guide Investing

    in a Franchised Outlet

  • Marketing Magic and Market Share Management -

    Developing a World Class Marketing, Branding and Grass Roots Strategy for Peanuts


  • Non-MBA Business Management Strategies -

    Secret Strategies to Propel Your Small Business without an MBA

  • Over Regulation in America -

    How Government Regulators

    are Crippling America's Growth

  • Sales Management Strategies -

    Sales People are a Different Breed - Learn the Secrets into Harnessing this Powerful Personality to get Quantifiable Results on Your Time Schedule

  • Sales Training Tips From the Real World

    Overcoming the Barriers of the Dominant Sales Personality to Teach them the Techniques and Relationship Strategies to Win for Your Company's Bottom Line



  • Winning at the Sales Game -

    Tips, Techniques and Tactics to Turbo Charge Your Sales and Top Your Customer's Expectations During the Sales Process

  • Strategic Planning for the Entrepreneurial Start-Up -

    Turn Your Business Planning into an On-going Planning Process without Losing the 'Entrepreneur's Edge'

  • The Case for Outsourcing and Off Shoring

    Considering the Importance of Free Markets, Free Trade and Profits and How These Realities can Make or Break Your Company's Future

  • Understanding the Franchise Business Model -

    The Greatest Business Format Ever Created is Often the Most Misunderstood - Dive into the Philosophy, Economies of Scale and

    Branding of Modern Day Franchising

  • Choosing the Best Franchise for You -

    Strategically Selecting the Best Business Situation for Your Lifestyle, Skills Sets, Financial ability

    and Future - Navigating the Maze of Sales Tactics, Disclosure Documents and PR Hype